The shrine area will include facilities for advanced training in Ifa/Orisa sacred ritual technology.  The curriculum for training at Egbe Iwa-pele has been multi-layered.  Members of the Egbe have produced over twenty books documenting the spirit theology and ritual practice of our faith.  Members of the Egbe have produced a series of training videos as supplements to the printed training material. Oluwo Ifatobi has organized a six-part training program called Awo Study Center.Ile Olorun Egbe Iwa-pele will offer the opportunity for hands-on experience based on training provided by the Awo Study Center.  Specialized hands-on training will include:

  1. The sacred process of building Igbodu (Shrines)
  2. Symbols used in Aworan the sacred art of decorating igbodu
  3. The sacred technology of Orisa Oko is associated with Farming.
  4. The sacred technology of Osanyin is associated with growing and cultivating herbs used in healing and ritual.
  5. The sacred technology of Osoosi is associated with hunting and tracking.
  6. The sacred technology of Ounje ara, means sacred food used in making offerings
  7. The sacred technology of Eranko pa means the method of processing animals for food.
  8. The rituals associated with Oso Egbe Iyaami meaning collective astral travel among women.
  9. Conjure the use of African personalized ritual as medicine for abundance and protection.
  10. Advanced classes awon ipo titan mimo meaning altered states of consciousness.
  11. Studies in making ebo for the entire community.
  12. Advanced training in Orisa initiation.
  13. Advanced training in Tefa initiation.
  14. Advanced training in Iyaami initiation.
  15. Advanced study of the Liturgical language
  16. Advanced study in paleo-science coded into Odu Ifa.

Starting May 2023 Ile Orun Egbe Iwa-pele will have tax-exempt status as a school. All payments for classes and services will be tax deductible. Starting in June the programs listed above will be available during the 91-day prayer cycle and the Solstices and Equinoxes. During these events we will hold classes for two days leading up to a three-day weekend of initiations. Depending on interest there will be week-long seminars between the 91-day events.
The elders of Ile Orun Egbe Iwa Pele remain committed to the process of offering affordable initiations, and affordable training as part of our commitment to preserving the ancestral wisdom of our faith.

This program will be supported by social media. The Facebook group page will continue to be Egbe Iwa Pele Ifa Orisha Community. Books will be available at This platform will be available to members of the community who would like to advertise books, goods, or services. We are in the process of creating a YouTube Network featuring a series called Wisdom Keepers. This series will interview elders from various traditions asking for guidance in the movement towards living in harmony with the Earth. We will also be setting up a video discussion forum on a non-censored platform.
To move this project forward Ile Olorun Egbe Iwa Pele is offering a subscription plan for $50 a month. Membership in this program will offer once a month of Q& A on Zoom with Awo Falokun and once a month presentation of lessons in history and paleo-science. This subscription will give participants access to the 91 prayer cycle advanced training schedule (plus the cost of food and lodging). The subscription will include an open invitation to assist in the construction of Igbodu as part of the training process. The subscription will give members the opportunity for hands-on experience doing initiations.

If there are any questions or suggestions please contact Awo Falokun on Facebook or directly through this site through my CONTACT PAGE by clicking this link.   

My intention is to create an opportunity to teach and preserve the full scope of wisdom I was blessed to receive during six trips to Africa. I also believe we are creating a foundation for the development of healthy family relations and a context for experiencing the joy of sharing a wide range of expressions of creative imagination.

Know you are loved and appreciated.
Stay safe!

Ire Baba Awo Faolkun Fatunmbi

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