Image of Iya FaBambi Shangodeye standing in a river with trees behind her. She is wearing an orange long dress and head piece and holding a staff.Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeye

Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeye is an artisan initiated into Shango in 2018. She is a woman of many talents with the ability to create in many modalities using her imagination and fearlessness to conquer any project she is inspired by. Much of Iyanifa’s work employs the use of her knowledge of herbs, barks, crystals, and ritual elements. Knowing firsthand what it feels like to be under spiritual attack, she has developed many of her soaps and other crafts to aid her fellow man with healing on many different levels.

On this page, you will find just a few of Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeye’s products. The products shown here do not encompass all of what she has to offer and thus you are encouraged to contact her through the contact form provided not only to order her soaps offered but, to commission her anything which you feel she may be able to assist you with.


Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeye’s Spiritual Soaps

Two blocks of tan Spiritual Soaps sitting side by side on a white plate on the ground next two pink flowers.

Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeye’s passion for making spiritual soaps began in 2020 with her Ifa initiation when she began learning her art designed to aid individuals with spiritual cleaning and blessings. Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeye is a warrior spirit with a desire to help others, thus the effectiveness of working with spiritual soaps was something she easily became passionate about since she made her first small Odu soap from African black soap in 2020. Since then she has never looked back and is continuously working to help others with this unique skill. Iyanifa’s spiritual soaps make use of invoking Ifa Holy Odu with natural ingredients such as river and rain waters along with specific herbs, barks, salts, and such using special prayers called Oriki. The soaps she designs are made to empower individuals and are specifically programmed to wash away any energies and effects of Witchcraft, Jinx, Hex, Black Magic, JuuJuu, Obia, Rootwork, Necromancy, hatred, Anger, and Grief.

Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeye’s Spiritual Soaps are created with her own specific blends of 41 dried and fresh-picked and dried plants and herbs along with 21 or more ground roots, barks, and other ritual elements. During her process of making the Spiritual Soaps, she may invoke several special different Holy Ifa Odus with various other ritual elements along with special Ifa Odus, prayers, and incantations from her various other cultural backgrounds.

Using these soaps for the first time is as easy as showering head to toe for 7 consecutive days. However,  the process MUST be followed exactly with no exceptions!

To Use the Spiritual Soaps one MUST shower head to toe for 7 consecutive days.

Most people have carried whatever needs to be cleaned off for a very long time so thus it is crucial to use the Spiritual Soaps as advised. Actually, Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeye asks that one only purchase or inquire about the Spiritual Soaps if they are only seriously willing to use them correctly. The reason for this is that most people have carried whatever needs to be cleaned off them for a long time making it crucial to use these specific Spiritual Soaps only as advised.

Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeye’s Spiritual Soaps are in a limited supply each month and available only on first come bases. The fact is that Iyanifa goes through a tedious process creating these Spiritual Cleansing Soaps which takes her 3 days to complete. Along with this Iyanifa’s soaps are made in limited quantities each month because new spiritual problems arise constantly which change and evolve often in our world, so as worldly situations evolve so do the needs of these specialty Spiritual Soaps.

Tan soaps, one long bar with 4 squares below it.Image of 6 white soap squares with herbs on top sitting on a green and red checkered table cloth.

Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeye Orgonites
Orgonite/Orgone Generators

Image of a orgonite made with a Quartz point.Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeyemakes various Organites some of which may include the energy of Esu. The Orgonites featured on this site are just examples of her work, please contact her to through her contact form to find out about current available Organites.

Image of Orgonite with Esu

An Orgonite Generator is a device created from organic and inorganic material in a way that has been found to have the ability to cleanse and charge an environment making use of energy called Orgone. Orgone energy is a type of live force energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich in 1939 which he found to have a healing effect on living organisms, information on this is widely available on the internet.

 Image of an orgonite with and Esu face in the center.  Image of an orgonite with coin in the middle


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