Oriki Part 5 - Oriki Series

Awo Falokun Fatunmbi has created a series of Youtube Live Videos explaining the meaning of various Orki with English Translations. 

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Orki and information below.



(Praising the Ancestors when offering libation and cola nut)

Egúngún wa yana wa neni, je wa memu.
Ancestors please call on us today, and drink our palm wine.
Egúngún Baba Iya yana wa o, je wa gb'obi pa.
Ancestors, Fathers and Mothers, please come so that you may accept offerings and split the cola nut.
Egúngún wa yana wa.

Our Ancestors please call.
May it be so.

(Praising the Ancestors of the Spirit of Destiny)

Egúngún gún ani o gún, Akala ka ani oka lekeleke foso.
Spirit of the Ancestors mount the mediums smoothly, the vulture circles the ceremony like a snake.
Ani ofun fun a difa fun. Òrúnmìlà Baba n'on ko lase lenu mo.
The white-feathered bird cleans us in flashes of light. The wisdom of the Spirit of Destiny is emitted in flashes of light.
Woni kolo pe Baba pe lode Òrún. Tani Baba Òrúnmìlà, morere ni Baba Òrúnmìlà.
The wisdom is acknowledged as coming from the Owner of the Realm of the Ancestors. Look to the Spirit of Destiny, all good fortune comes from the Spirit of Destiny.
Mije morere no o. To ase si ni lenu morere mi o.

Seven blessings is the power of light. The seven blessings of light are the spiritual powers that come to us.
May it be so.

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