Oriki Part 12 - Oriki Series

Awo Falokun Fatunmbi has created a series of Youtube Live Videos explaining the meaning of various Orki with English Translations. 

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Orki and information below, also a video B.

Video A

 Video B


(Praising the Divine Messenger of Transformation)

Èsù, Èsù Òdàrà, Èsù, lanlu ogirioko. Okunrin orí ita, a jo langa langa lalu.
Divine Messenger, Divine Messenger of Transformation, Divine Messenger speaks with power. Man of the crossroads, dance to the drum.
A rin lanja lanja lalu. Ode ibi ija de mole. Ija ni otaru ba d'ele ife.
Tickle the toe of the Drum. Move beyond strife. Strife is contrary to the Spirits of the Invisible Realm.
To fi de omo won. Oro Èsù, to to to akoni. Ao fi ida re lale.
Unite the unsteady feet of weaning children. The word of the Divine Messenger is always respected. We shall use your sword to touch the earth.
Èsù, ma se mi o. Èsù, ma se mi o. Èsù, ma se mi o.
Divine Messenger do not confuse me. Divine Messenger do not confuse me. Divine Messenger do not confuse me.
Omo elomiran ni ko lo se. Pa ado asubi da. No ado asure si wa.
Let someone else be confused. Turn my suffering around. Give me the blessing of the calabash.
May it be so.

(The Divine Messenger of Transformation)


Èsù ota Òrìsà, Òséturà lorúko baba mò ó.
The Divine Messenger of Transformation the cornerstone of the Immortals, the Holy Odu Osetura is the name by which the fathers know you.
Alágogo ijà lórúko ìya npè é, Èsù Odara omokùnrin ìdolòfìn,
Owner -of- the- bell -of trouble- is the name by which the mothers know you. The Divine Messenger of Transformation, the man of Idolofin,
Ó lé sónsó sórí esè elésè. Kò je, kò si jé kí eni nje, gb´e mi.
He perches on top of another's foot, He would not eat, he would not let him who eats digest their food.
A ki í lówó lái mú tÈsù kúrò. A ki láyo lái mú tÈsù kúrò.
One does not become rich without first setting aside the Divine Messenger of Transformation's share. No one attains happiness without first giving the Divine Messenger of Transformation His share.
A sò tún - sosì lái nítijú. Èsùapata sómo olómo lénu. Ó fi òkúta dípò iyò. . . Èsù má se mí, omo elòmíràn ni kí o se.
He belongs to opposing camps without having any feeling of shame, the Divine Messenger, He who pushes the innocent to offend others, He substitutes rock for salt . . . Divine Messenger do not tempt me, it is someone else's child that you should tempt.
May it be so.

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