Oriki Orisha Oko

Eleni a te ka
The house that is at the crossroads of power.

Ori a je O pa ni I pa ika
The consciousness that cannot be disconnected from its power

Orisa Oko a to gbangba sun ninu oye
Orisa Oko guides to understanding our inner self

Ori owo eyo se eso
The consciousness of plants and animals

Ori ogun eyo sensen
The consciousness of the medicine of animals

Ori ibon gbe re oju ogun
The consciousness that allows us to see the medicine in plants

Orisa ti o tori
Spirit of the Spirit of consciousness

Aasu iyan
Source of options

O fun won ni ogun omo
The source of the medicine for fertility

O tori agbebo adie
The consciousness that accepts a chicken as an offering

O fun eni nwa aya
The blessing that comes to earth

Ni ogorun aya
That came from Orun to Aye

O tu fun en I nwa oko
The Spirit of Oko comes with coolness

Ni ogorun okoIs
the essence of Oko

Baba o Baba o
Father, father

Eni kuru
The one who breaks

O nitro

Eni gun
The source of medicine

O nbere
The Spirit of blessings

Bere owo
The blessings of abundance

Bere ola ni odo mi o
The blessings of the forest

Iwo lori iyan
The blessing of choices

Ti o njo bembe
The blessing of singing and dancing

Iwo lo tun ri iyan
The blessing of protection

Ti o nan saara
The blessing of fun

Orisa oko gulutu nle
The Spirit who creates oxygen

Igba funfun balauu
The container of blessings

Algbara ti nlo fose
The elder with the power of the word

Orisa Oko gbe mi o
Orisa Oko bless me

Orisa oko tu mi o
Orisa Oko cool me

Je ng ni ninu ase ori
You are my source of inner strength

May it be so

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