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Headshot of Awo Falokun Fatunmbi/David Wilson, he has white hair with a goatee mustache and is wearing a white robe.Awo Falokun Fatunmbi, David Wilson is a well-published author of many books on various topics. His works include areas of Ifa Theology, and Ifa instruction, also included are works on historical conspiracy, true crime and fiction. Below is a selection of Awo Falokun Fatunbi's books which can be purchased on Amazon, these are divided into different categories for your browsing ease.                       

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Ifa Theological Books


Iwa-Pele - Ifa Quest For The Search For The Source Of Santeria And Lucimi
The Metaphysical Foundations Of Ifa Book 1  

The book cover Iwa Pele with a mustard yellow background and a brown Ifa Divination Board with brown font.
Focused on the indigenous African belief that ethics and spiritual growth are irrevocably linked (Iwa Pele), this book provides clear direction for those interested in the spiritual path of Ifa. Filled with Techniques and Understandings for Beginners and Adepts alike, Iwa Pele continues to be a "Must Have" book for Western Ifa Followers to understand how and why the tradition is practiced. It is with great excitement that we welcome this second edition of what has become a classic in Yoruba literature. In this groundbreaking book, Babalawo Falokun Fatunmbi continues the work of Yoruba writers such as Dr. Wande Abimbola and others in unmasking the deep cosmological and theological principles of the Yoruba people. This exposition of the theology of the Yoruba people challenges the prevailing prejudicial assumptions regarding the depth, beauty and relevance of African theological thought. Titled “Iwa Pele,” this book focuses on the indigenous African belief that ethics and spiritual growth are irrevocably linked. Written in a highly accessible manner and in a style easily assimilated by the Western mind, this great work also provides sensible direction for those wishing to embark on the spiritual path of Ifa. Each chapter provides instruction for the adept on Ifa/orisa veneration as done in the traditional manner.  

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Iwa Pele: El Concepto Ifá del Buen Carácter 

Libro iwa pele, tiene una tapa amarilla con una imagen de nueces de palma de color marrón en un tablero de adivinación de Ifa
Es con gran entusiasmo que damos la bienvenida a esta segunda edición de lo que se ha convertido en un clásico en la literatura yoruba.  En este libro de vanguardia, Babalawo Falokun Fatunmbi continúa el trabajo de escritores yoruba tales como el Dr. Wande Abimbola y otros, para revelar los profundos principios cosmológicos y teológicos del pueblo yoruba.  Esta exposición de la teología del pueblo yoruba desafía los perjudiciales supuestos prevalecientes respecto de la profundidad, belleza y relevancia del pensamiento teológico africano.  Con el título de “Iwa Pele”, este libro se concentra en la creencia indígena africana de que la ética y el crecimiento spiritual están irrevocablemente conectados.  Escrito de manera altamente asequible y con un estilo fácilmente asimilado por la mente occidental, este gran trabajo también ofrece una dirección sensible para aquellos que desean emprender el camino espiritual de Ifa.  Cada capítulo entrega instrucción para el adepto sobre el culto a Ifa/Orisa según se hace en la forma tradicional.

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Oriki book image, it has a blue cover with a drawn image in black of an African style ancestor mask.
Oriki is the praise poetry and invocations of the Yoruba people. It is expressed through chanting or singing and is used by Ifa/ Orisha initiates as words of power in ritual and ceremony.   Awo Fa'lokun Fatunmbi has compiled over 140 Oriki in this comprehensive volume..  It promises to be an invaluable resource for Ifa Orisha practitioners in ritual, meditation, and general learning about the sacred tradition of Ifa. It is complete with Oriki in English as well as Yoruba with grammatical emphasis marks to ensure proper pronunciation of the Yoruba language. Included are Oriki for the following: Egun, Esu, Osoosi, Ogun, Obatala, Olokun, Yemoja, Aganju, Oya, Sango, Ibeji, Osun, Oko, Osanyin, Nana Baruku, Orunmila, Odu,  Ela, and much more!

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Ebora: Ifa and the Hero's Journey 
The Metaphysical Foundations of Ifa -Volume 2 

The Book Ebora. It has a red cover with African style art.
Awo Falokun Fatunmbi presents in "Ebora" a revealing account and understanding for the first time of Africa's metaphysical aspect of Odu Ifa releasing the connection of Spiritual Warriors within our lives. A dupe Awo Ogun. - - Ifasina O. Agbede In this book, Awo Falokun Fatunmbi continues to make lasting contributions to our understanding of the Yoruba cosmos. In “Ebora”, Awo Falokun provides an in-depth explanation of the often misunderstood topic of Spiritual Warriors in Ifa. Set to the rhythm of the universal hero’s journey, baba takes us on a voyage into the Yoruba spiritual world. This book also provides instruction on how to embark on the journey to self-transformation with the help and guidance of the Yoruba Spiritual Warriors. - - Awo Fategbe Fatunmbi

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Egun: The Ifa Concept of Ancestor Reverence 
The Metaphysical Foundations of Ifa - Volume 3

The book Eggun, it has an orange cover with blue and red in an African style drawing.
One of the first steps in our spiritual journey is the relationship with Egun. We set up an ancestor alter and faithfully make offerings and discuss our daily happenings, wishes, needs, and dreams. All too often through lack of knowledge from our elders, neglect or lack of communication the door to ancestor communication stays shut. Not because of anything we have done, but what we have not done. We need to open the door into that previously forbidden realm. Know and trust, without fear, a communication with our ancestors... not just a one-way monologue, but that two-way dialogue, that lets you have a vehicle for knowledge, healing, and informed advice from our long forgotten ancestors. Baba Falokun provides the tools necessary to kick that door open; by using Oriki we can open a door to a level of communication not previously available. As we follow the guide and chant the Oriki for the ancestors to mount the medium, we begin to hear the voices of the past repeating the words with you. Welcome them, the words are thousands of years old and still used today. This is a tool that opens the portals of another dimension. Use them, our ancestors walk with us; don’t lose the opportunity to receive a communication. These are a must for anyone doing or wishing to communicate with the other side.

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Ela: The Ifa Concept of Altered States 
Metaphysical Foundations of Ifa Book 5   

 The book Ela. It has a green cover with black drawn art with a black African ancestor style mask.
 Within the West African cultural spirituality of the Yoruba, Ela is known as the Spirit of Light and Manifestation meaning all things came into existence here on Ikole Aye (Earth) by way of Ela. Ela can also be summarized as the Holy Spirit of Ifa and interchangeably used as another name for Orunmila Elerin Ipin Ibikeji Olodumare (Orunmila, Withness of Creation, Second to the Creator). It is by way of Ela that Ifa became acceptable throughout the world and Orunmila accepted by followers, including followers in secret. In “Ela, The Ifa Concept of Altered States”, Awo Falokun opens the dialogue once again on how devotees can continue to seat Ifa in the West. His approach to the subject of Ela is not the way, but a way to create and maintain Extended Family and Community. Knowledge of Ela and the Orisa is not enough – through the possession (spiritual access to the wisdom) of Ela, Ifa devotees can begin to heal ourselves of the negative influences of the Western World View, past and present, and heal the Ifa Community and the world around us. In this book, Awo Falokun teaches that the basis of Traditional Yoruba Spirituality is Good Character, which is accessible through Ela, and how it is essential to go into possession with the Spirit of Orunmila in order to maintain good character and banish the negative forces that create ori buruku, i.e., gossip, jealousy, lying, stealing, violence, etc.

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Dafa: The Ifá Concept of Divination and The Process of Interpreting Odu The Metaphysical Foundations of Ifa Volume 6

The book Dafa, the cover is purple with African style art including an Ifa Divination BoardDafa, the act of performing the divination system of the Yoruba of Nigeria is the fundamental way in which the Babalawo or Iyanifa commune with the wisdom of the Orisa Orunmila, also sometimes called Ifa. It is through rigorous study, guidance, and practical application over a period of time that an initiate can learn the necessary ebo (sacrifice) and oogun (medicine) that are within each of the verses or ese of Ifa. Although verses of Ia are learned via the teacher-student relationship through oral transmission in Nigeria, Awo Falokun in his book Dafa uses his experience and understanding of ifa to explore the sixteen meji odu and the subsequent combination of the verses of odu to give us a basic insight or a doorway into the 256 verses from a metaphysical perspective that make up the ifa corpus. It is only through one's consistent emersion into the study and practical use of ifa in one's daily life can the verses or ese of ifa come alive to assist us in overcoming one's daily struggles and adversities, as well as provide preventative solutions that in turn manifest real and fundamental transformation on the path of the individual's destiny. 

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Iba Se Orisa: Ifa Proverbs, Folktales, Sacred History And Prayer 

The book cover Ibase Orisha, it is a green cover with brown drawn African art and yellow title font.

 The Oral tradition has been maintained since time immemorial. In this age of science and technology, they are now being preserved for posterity. Iba Se is an invaluable resource for Proverbs and Folktales in the Ifa Orisa Tradition. It delves further into their spiritual meaning and its significance in the wider world. It is a great starting point for a beginner in the tradition sharing the dynamics for spiritual growth, concept of self and the Ori, divination principles and the overall Ifa worldview. Awo Falokun begins to unravel the sacred history and the concept relating to the Immortals to bring the reader a full appreciation for the path of Ifa. 

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 Ofo'se: Essays by Awo Falokun Fatunmbi 

Ofo'se book cover which is yellow with blue font and has an image of a drum drawn in an African style with white around the edges of the drum.
Ofo’se is a book of 35 compelling essays exploring the Ifa Tradition through the eyes of an initiated Ifa priest for over 26 years of experience. Awo Falokun Fatumnbi shares insights and contemplations on a number of topics from Ifa Theology, Epistemology, Spiritual Forces, development of Good Character, and more. Awo Falokun is known for delivering highly esoteric information about the Ifa tradition in Africa and making it understandable in everyday language for westerners. Ofo’se is excellent for theological discourse on Ifa as a spiritual tradition and for deeper exploration for adherents. 

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Ori: The Ifa Concept of Consciousness The Metaphysical Foundations of Ifa

The book cover Ori. It is a white cover with a black drawn image of a bell shape basket covered in coweri shells
  How do I learn my purpose in life? What does God want for me? How can I fulfill my potential? While Awo Falokun Fatunmbi touched on Ifa’s perspective of these issues in previous books, in Ori he covers them on a whole new level. The Ifa Model of Consciousness fills holes in Western models of Self/Higher Self/God and empowers living a life fully aligned with our higher self and spirit. The illusion of separation is stripped away and the obvious truth becomes clear: We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Ori offers tools to incorporate these deep understandings into a balanced life filled with all of the blessings that were intended us from the womb. Joy, Love, Children, Health & Wealth are our Spiritual rights. Unlike some Faiths which may see them as distractions, Ifa sees these earthly blessings as symptoms of living in alignment with spirit. Learn to have these symptoms too!  

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Hidden Mysteries Of Orisha And Paleo Science 

The cover of the book Hidden Mysteries Of Orisha And Paleo Science
 Awo Falokun Fatunmbi is an initiated priest and theological scholar in the Ifa Orisa tradition. In this work,he brings his experience of over 30 years and explores esoteric concepts in Ifa with the emerging ancient wisdom of Paleolithic science. Its product is a thought provoking series of studies covering the ancient mysteries of the Ifa Orisa tradition. From exploring Ifa theology from several Ifa scholars to ties between Orisa and spiritual centers in the body, to hyper-dimensional physics, to the metaphysical principles of odu, to the divine feminine, a broad range of esoteric knowledge is explored not just from a historical perspective, but also for applications for future generations.


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Ifa How-to Books 


Mérìndínlógún: Òrìsà Divination Using 16 Cowries

The cover for the book Meridinlogun which has a dark brown cover with white font and an African style image drawn in black.
Traditional Yorùbá culture is founded on the idea that everything in Nature has Orí or consciousness. This belief leads to the idea it is possible to communicate with Forces in Nature called Òrisà. One form of communication is through altered states of consciousness commonly refered to as possession. The other is to communicate with Nature through the use of divination. In traditional Yorùbá culture divination is the manipulation of either seeds or shells to create numberical patterns these patterns refer to specific verses of oral scripture. These verses are a way of preserving the wisdom of the ancestors. Traditional Yorùbá culture has four main systems of divination that are interrelated and inter connected. The first is obi obata, which essentially is used to give yes no answers to direct questions. The second system is bàsed on the use of sixteen principles that traditional Yorùbá culture considers the foundation of Creation. This system is called Mérìndínlógún from the elision mérìn meaning four, dín meaning subtract from, and lógún meaning twenty. In the Yorùbá system of counting Mérìndínlógún is the word for sixteen.

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Mérìndínlógún: Adivinación de Òrìsà Utilizando 16 Cowries

Imagen de la portada del libro Merindinlogun que tiene una portada de color marrón oscuro con letra blanca y una imagen de estilo africano dibujada en negro.
La cultura tradicional Yorùbá esta fundada sobre la idea que todo en la naturaleza tiene orí o conciencia. Esta creencia nos induce a la idea de que es posible tener comunicación con las Fuerzas de la Naturaleza llamadas Òrisà. Una forma de comunicación es a través de estados alterados de conciencia comúnmente referida como posesión. La otra es la comunicación con la naturaleza a través del uso de la adivinación. En la cultura tradicional Yorùbá la adivinación es la manipulación igual de semillas o caracoles para crear patrones numéricos, estos patrones se refieren a versos específicos de la escritura oral. Estos versos son una forma de preservar la sabiduría de los ancestros. La cultura tradicional Yorùbá tiene cuatro sistemas principales de adivinación que son correlativos e interconectados. El primero es obì àbàtà que esencialmente es usado para dar respuestas de si o no a preguntas dIréctas. El segundo sistema esta basado sobre el uso de diecises principios que la cultura tradicional Yorùbá concidera la bàse de la creación. Este sistema es llamado Mérìndínlógún de la alisión de mérìn que significa cuatro, dín que significa sustraido de y lògún que significa veinte. En el sistema numérico Yorùbá Mérìndínlógún es la palabra para dieciséis. Este libro Mérìndínlógún se puede comprar en Amazon a través de este enlace.  

Este libro Mérìndínlógún se puede comprar en Amazon a través de este enlace.


Awo: Ifa Concept of Divination  

The book cover for Awo - The Concept of Divination, it is on a tourquoise background and has a square ifa Divination board, the font color is a light orange.
 When it first came out, it was an instant classic. Awo has returned over 20 years later bringing insight and understanding to the divination process in the Ifa Tradition. This has been the foundation for many Awo in the United States and Latin America over the years. It has been said that every Awo needs to have this in his library. This work focuses on the foundational divination using obi ( 4 shell divination) and expanding into the full 16 odus that lay the foundation for Ifa practice. It includes instruction, interpretations, graphic pictures. prayers, along with an overview of the cosmology in divination and ancestor work in divination. It is designed for initiates and non-initiates alike to begin the process of divination.


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Awo Studies Center Level One Studies Manual

  The manual book cover for Awo Studies Center level one.

This is the instruction manual for the Level One Awo Training with the Awo Studies Center. The Awo Studies Center is dedicated to the teachings of Traditional Ifa and you may find more information here.


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Sacred Ifa Technology: A Complete Course on the Prayer Cycles

sacred ifa technology complete cyclesIfa-Orisa is the traditional spiritual discipline of the Yoruba people from Southwest Nigeria. This tradition has spread throughout the Diaspora and has countless manifestations and variations. In the past our ancestors taught Ifa-Orisa through oral instruction and observation. In recent times there has been an increase in the availability of instructional material in written form. In order for this course to be effective we still need communal support and guidance from elders.

This course is meant to supplement, not replace oral instruction from elders.This course has been developed to provide training to anyone who has been initiated into either Ifa or Orisa. In order to be effective I encourage students to study this material in conjunction with an elder who can check progress and provide guidance based on personal experience.

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Historical Conspiracy Books


Wakanda is Real: Paleo -Science, The Mysteries of Creation, revealed by our African Ancestors as preserved in the oral scripture of traditional Yoruba culture called Odu Ifà

Image of book cover for Wakanda Is Real. The cover has a forest green background with the up close face of black leapord with yellow eyes on it.

 Wakanda Is Real is a deep dive into the view of history from an Ifa perspective, presenting evidence of the deliberate attempt to direct information away from accurate documentation by Western academia. The book presents evidence of manipulation and deception by modern Western science. It creates a fresh new view of history which gives hope and possibility to what looks like a dire future for our planet and generations to come. The book reads like a novel intertwined with historic and scientific information giving it a mythical flare while still wetting the palette of those interested in facts.


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Ancestral Memories

The cover of the book Ancestral Memories with a yellow cover and a black drawn dragon and white font.Ancestral Memories is a description of World History as it is preserved by the Dragon Families of Transylvania. These families trace their history to a time before the Global Flood that occurred 12,000 years ago. In Europe the Dragon Families are acknowledged by other Royal Families as the Oldest Dynasty in Europe. The Dragon Families were and continue to be guided by the hereditary priesthood of Hungarian culture. This priesthood is represented by two families, de Veres and Fenyes.In 1970 the author of this book was initiated into the lineage of the Fenyes Family in a ritual called Shadi. During that initiation he was shown a version of history that is significantly different that the version of history presented by Western Academia. The decision to share the substance of this alternative history was based on the idea that the belief in this information has played a major role in shaping historic events. Many of those events make no sense without a full understanding of the motivations that at times have led to conflict and war. The decision to release this information is based on the  belief that the more we understand the motivation behind acts of violence the more we can prevent them from happening again. 

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Ancestral Memories Volume II: INITIATIONS

The cover of the book Ancestral Memories volume 2, it has a blue cover with a black dragon on it. We are privileged to view the world history from a completely different view; one that gives cohesion to some of the many inconsistences and mysteries that plague our minds as we search for meaning and purpose. Awo painstakingly brings us to this awareness by taking a step-by-step approach through history from a point of view that many will not know existed. Not only does he site obscure information, but he gives the reader a map to research for himself. The connection between Ancient Africa and historic information is mindboggling. The reader can't help but want more. The Ifa perspective as a source of ancient knowledge is certainly eye-opening.

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The Reptilian Chronicles

The cover of the book The Reptilian Chronicles by Awo Falokun Fatunmbi and Iyanifia Fajalabi which has a black cover with the title in capital letters and the authors under this.

The Reptilian Chronicles is a novel by Awo Falokun and Iyanifa Fajalabi. It is based on our collective experience of interaction with non-human life forms who visit this planet on a regular basis and who have been doing so for thousands of years. As Ifa/Orisa initiates we have been trained by our elders in the art of calling E.T. to assist in Ifa/Orisa rituals. In particular, they have a significant role in traditional Ifa funeral rites. The planet we call Earth has become a battleground for conflicting E.T. cultures and this book uses a fictional format to identify the players and to identify their agenda. This information is in the context of a thriller-style novel. The authors hope this makes the presentation of this material information, and entertaining. Enjoy.

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Historical Crime


Not Just Evil: Murder, Hollywood, and California's First Insanity Plea

Image of the book cover "Not Just Evil: Murder, Hollywood, and California's First Insanity Plea, the book has a picture of a black and white image of a man with short dark hair with the cover titles in reg.

In 1927, a schoolgirl’s murder leads to a Hollywood manhunt, a bizarre confession, and a landmark trial in this historical true crime. Twelve-year-old Marion Parker was kidnapped from her Los Angeles school by an unknown assailant on December 15, 1927. The killer dropped her off a few days later, fleeing with the ransom money before Marion’s father discovered she had been brutally murdered. When William Edward Hickman was hunted down and charged with the killing, he admitted to all of it, in terrifying detail, but that was only the start. Hickman’s insanity plea was the first of its kind in California, and it led to a national media frenzy. His lawyers argued that their client lived in a fantasy world, inspired by movies and unable to tell right from wrong. In a year when the first talking picture had just been released, the movie industry scrambled to protect itself from ruinous publicity. As scandals threatened the proceedings from the start, the death of a young girl grew into a referendum on the state of America at the birth of mass media culture. Author and private investigator David Wilson captures the maelstrom surrounding Marion Parker’s death in vivid detail. From the crime itself to the manhunt that followed, the unprecedented trial, and its dramatic aftermath, Wilson draws readers into this fascinating true account of the birth of the celebrity criminal.

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NOTE: This book was written by Awo Falokun aka David Wilson, the photo of the author on is not me, Awo Falokun Fatubnmbi David Wilson, and I am not an osteopath, the world is strange thanks.




The Anointing

The book The Anonting with a light marron cover.
Richard Ambrose is set to buy the chests from an art broker in Palm Springs. the Vatican asks a Cardinal in Los Angeles to ask the Los Angeles Police Chief to send a detective to the interview Richard Ambrose in an effort to dissuade him from purchasing the contraband. Before conducting the interview detective Daniel O'Brian is introduced to a Father Nardini who is an impostor. O'Brien is chosen for the assignment because he is close friends with a Bible scholar named Jakar Makeba. Following O'Briens interview with Richard Ambrose, Jakar Makeba is murdered. O'Brien is considered a suspect in the murder and he must determine who killed his friend, who has the silver chest, and what is the content of those chests. In the course of his investigation, he encounters interference from the Mossad, the Knights of Malta, the CIA, and the Ambrose security team. During the course of his investigation, O'Brien learns that an oil used by anoint ancient royal families to unlock the psychic ability of kings. To understand the phenomena, O'Brien is anointed and uses his enhanced intuition to complete the investigation.

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