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The Mystic Calabash By yánifa Ifágbáyí Sàngókemi
Image of Ìyánifa Ifágbáyí Sàngókemi. She is wearing a white dress with a green hat and her Eleke necklaces.

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Iyanifa FaBambi Shangodeye

Picture of Iya FaBambi Shangodeye standing in a river with an orange rob and headpiece on, she is holding a staff.


Handcrafted Spiritual Soaps & More!
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Rebecca Owen

Picture of Rebecca Owen wearing a read shirt and white skirt sitting cross legged in front of a tree trunk.

Rebecca Owen's longtime fascination with alternative and complementary healing arts and her passion for music and dance led her on a path to the sound therapy gifts she shares today. That path began In 2012 when she became a Reiki practitioner and teacher, and an LMT shortly after. Becca gained her certifications as a practitioner of sound healing and vibrational therapy with Meditate School of Sound Healing and Mindfulness and is now teaching, and sharing her passion for sound healing with others. She is an Iyanifa and an Omo Shango who first came to in Lucumi in 2009 and then initiated into Ifa many years later with Awo Falokun Fatunmbi. She tries to incorporate the teachings of Ifa into all of her healing work and looks to her ancestors for guidance to help those who come to her. 

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Wose International Films 


wose inernational films logoWose International Films . Our website offers a wide variety of training videos, films and documentaries on indigenous African cultures and related disciplines, that cover a range of martial arts from Africa, including Dambe, Musangwe, and Senegalese Wrestling. This will also include epic films of various genres that show historical and mythological stories from an indigenous African perspective, both ancient and contemporary. A wide variety of training videos, films and documentaries on indigenous African cultures and related disciplines.  

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Iyanifa Faseye Eileen Gonzalez

Picture of Iya Faseye Eileen Gonzalez, she is wearing a white had and white shirt and has glasses on.Iyanifa Faseye, Eileen Gonzalez has been involved in Spiritism since the early 80s. She is a fully  ordained minister with the Canadian  organization The Spiritual Science Fellowship. She has served as a platform Medium and as a public speaker, she has also worked extensively with event planning. Iya Faseye was introduced into Ifa in 2004, inciated into Lukumi in 2014 and fully into Ifa in 2023 with Awo Falokun. 

Iya Faseye offers various services related to Spiritism and Energy Healing, she also teaches on topics such as Mediumship Development, Crystals, and Spiritual Energy Healing. As part of her clairvoyant readings, she offers Spirit Portraits Drawings which are portraits of individual’s spirits channeled through Eileen’s spirits.

For Information on Iyanifa Faseye's Spiritual Work visit Her website through this link.

Iya Faseye has always been creative but her desire to be of service led her to one of her creative passions,  Multimedia Design. She began producing various projects to aid friends and Not-For-profit organizations in 2005 then took a 3-year program in Multimedia and Graphic Design in 2007. Officially she is retired but still helps with her skills whenever she can. 

To find out more about Iyanifa Faseye's work you can visit her site through this link.


Marcus Hammonds 

A headshot image of Marcus Hammonds, he is wearing dark framed glasses and a green shirt.

Marcus Hammonds is the founder of Four Directions Apparel Company which designs spiritually inspired clothing and shoes.  The shoes are casual trainers under the Deu Zebra brand.  As a Capoeira practitioner for over 25 years, Marcus wanted to give future capoeiristas a way to remember the roots of the game.  The clothing is his way of encouraging others to keep a connection with their ancestors as he has endeavored to do as well.




These are examples of Marks work available on Etsy.

Ogun T-Shirt
Image of a white t-shirt with an image of a treee root in black with the word Ogun above it, the image is centered.

Oggun Hat image of a white beani hat with Eggun written on the bottom edge in black font







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