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Awo Falokun Fatunmbi has created a series of Youtube Live Videos explaining the meaning of various Orki with English Translations. 

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Orki and information below.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE NEXT VIDEO IN THE SERIES IS VIDEO 4 due to Facebook deleting video 3. 


May 23, 2023

 Agbo ato Todays video topic Oriki Part 2 will be a discussion of the meaning of these oriki.

Emi o mona kan o.
Eyiti nba gba a r'elejogun e e.
Eyi nab gba r'elejogun.
Eyi nba gba r'elejogun.
Egbe ope o.

When I did not know the road to follow, I should have followed destiny, I should have followed destiny, I should have followed destiny. May all the elders hear my song.

(Praising the Ancestors, invocation for
consecration of Ancestor shrine and Aso Egún)

Egúngún kiki egúngún.
Praise to the mediums of the Ancestors.
Egún ikú ranran fe awo ku opipi.
Ancestors have preserved the mystery of featherless flight.
O da so bo fun le wo.
You create the words of reverance and power.
Egún ikú bata bango egún de.
The drums of the Ancestors announce the arrival of the Ancestors.
Bi aba f'atori na le egún a se de.
On the strong mat, you spread your power, the Ancestors are here.
May it be so.







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