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I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS: The Transformative Power of A Mother's 
by Iya Efuntayo Featherspirit Ifakayode - Linley Alison Smith

Image of the book cover I am always with you. It has a park bench on green grass with trees behind it.Not sure how to move on after the loss of your mother? You’re not alone. Rarely is moving through the death of your mother simple or easy. You may be too afraid to feel because you “can’t afford to fall apart”. Or are your emotions popping up and spilling out all over the place? Is your grief sitting beside you at the office or the dinner table or in the bedroom? Do your co-workers and family not know what to say to you or even how to help? Or have you been taught “don’t pull the scab off the wound” you’ll be, “in time”, okay, or able to “get on with life”?

When you open these pages you’ll discover that· Yes, you still love them even if there were moments when you didn’t. You’re human!· Yes, you can have your real feelings without being “bad or wrong”. You’re not!· Yes, you’ve got some guilt and anger happening but you’ve forgiveness and love too. Take a deep breath!· Yes, in the middle of it all you can have profound peace and joy. It’s not a betrayal!· Yes, you can know that your loved one is still with you. They are!· Yes, you can survive this! Your inheritance awaits you!

The author, Linley Alison Smith, LCSW-R, a master healing facilitator, a shaman, an Ordained Clergy Member of The Church of Spiritual Humanism, QHHT practitioner and certified clinical hypnotherapist will show you ways to free up energetic space in your heart and mind so you can embrace a deeply reflective and more joyful life.

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