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Chapter from my next book titled Wakanda is Real.

Here is a chapter from my next book titled Wakanda is Real.

An examination of a single African culture gives a glimpse of the depth of the lies and deception contained within the accepted academic narrative.
Ifa is the Yoruba word for wisdom.

Yoruba culture is the foundation of an ancient civilization largely centered in Southwest Nigeria. Elements of the culture spread north of Nigeria into Benin and south of Nigeria into Cameroon. The split of the original kingdom across the boards of three countries was a result of the arbitrary creation of Nations by the European Council of 1886.

The Teacher Student Relationship In Ifa & Initiation

Agbo ato, I want to talk about the teacher student relationship in Ifa. In traditional Yoruba culture there is typically one or two egbe ifa in a community and you are typically initiated in the community where you family lives. Before you can change egbe for any reason there is usually lengthy discussions within Ogboni over your reasons for changing egbe and it is not a common occurrence. In the Diaspora we are faced with a number of problems when it comes to training; frequently the student does not live near the person who initiated them, most awo in the Diaspora do not teach generally based on a fear of competition, and there are very few functioning Ifa egbe where work is done in a community setting and training is a regular part of the ritual schedule.