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If you are interested in traveling to Chicago for initiations inbox me. Thanks.

For members of the family who are interested in camping there will be a July 1st to July 5th event in the woods up around Dallas Fortworth.  It will be one of those sleep under the night sky kind of deals.  We will be doing some initiations old school style with a real river and real mud.  Already have three family members who have volunteered to bring their sleeping bags.  So, if you are interested in either participating or getting initiated please in box me.As most of you know Iyanifa Fajalabi is unyielding in her insistence that we keep our eye on the prize and not become fixated on foolishness.Good call and now for the but.

The England Department of Public Health has released its findings on the effects of medicine recently recommended by the British Government.  Back in the day when I was involved in the investigation of Big Pharma for product liability if we discovered ten or more patients with extreme reactions to a particular medication the FDA would remove the product from the market for further testing.  The data in England reports 600,000 cases of severe reaction to the medication.
Not good.
The FDA refuses to release similar data.

Looking at this issue from a legal point of view, which I am qualified to do, the legislation that allowed the medication to go on the market without the standard level of testing means taking the medication was part of a medical experiment. Laws were based by the UN, following World War II, in response to the medical experimentation done in Concentration camps run by the Nazi Party in Germany. These laws make it illegal to conduct medical experiments without full disclosure of the results of those experiments to the people who participated in those experiments.

That means the US Government is currently in violation of the legal restrictions on medical experimentation known as the Nuremberg Accords.  This violation is aggravated by the extreme censorship in the media around the discussion of data on this topic. That means all forms of the media that engage in medical censorship have committed war crimes based on international law.Anderson Copper it is time to comply with the law.

If you are interested in informed consent for the next round of shots, please read the data coming from England.  This data is from official government sources, it is part of the public record, the information was gathered by people with the letters M.D. after their names.  To call this data a conspiracy theory might be just a tad bit disingenuous.  Making such a statement is clearly indication of support for a war crime.
I’m just saying.

All right, I don’t know if its just me, but for the past month AI has been in charge of both electronic data scraping (collection) and a process of correlating your personal data in a way that has been programed to keep track of your every move.  Recently I submitted a change of address form with US Postal Service within a week every single Bill coming to me made a notification I needed to change my address on their website.
Every single one.

Back in the old days you could change your address for a few weeks while you were on vacay and not have to change the data on every %*&$&& piece of mail you received from a billing department.
That day is over.

Apparently, AI does not understand the word vacation and clearly does not understand the word privacy.

Speaking of AI, the great wonderkin, savior of the planet, the bad boy messiah of the woke, Mr Elon Musk has received permission to put implants in your head to hook you up with AI. Pay attention please, read a few books figure out what planet we are living on. Research done in Switzerland and banned by the US media shows that brain implant nano technology was included in the batch of medicine commonly and erroneously known as the “Vaccine.” This nano technology was designed to allow big Pharma to do a monthly diagnosis of your blood and then mail you the mandated medicine skipping that whole time consuming, annoying and currently useless thing we used to call a trip to the doctor’s office.

Those of you who know me, know that Gene Roddenberry is one of my heroes. He was a visionary and worked for a while with my father on the Dragnet TV series. Gene tried to warn us that Musk’s brain plant idea has its downside. Gene called the downside the Borg.


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