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The Four Day Prayer Cycle

Ile Iwa-Pele | Awo Falokun NetworkThe four day cycle is a time to focus on personal development and prayers for personal guidance and elevation. The divination done on the four day cycle should include adimu offerings directly to the Ifá pot. The four day cycle can include prayers to all the ase (Spiritual powers) in your shrine. READ MORE

Ile Iwa-Pele Vision

Ile Iwa-Pele | Awo Falokun NetworkI have a vision, the vision relates to seating traditional Ifa outside of the Nigerian rain forest. I have this vision because after six trips to Nigeria I am convinced that traditional Ifa has medicine for personal and social issues that are badly broken in the West. I believe this medicine is rooted in an ancient culture in which living in harmony with self and world was highly valued and consequently highly developed. READ MORE

Ori and Conscious Thought

Ori is the Yoruba word used to describe the vessel that is able to process conscious thought. In the Ifa description of ori consciousness is an integration of thoughts and emotions. When an Ifa elder is admonishing someone to think clearly they will typically point to their heart and not their head. The integration of thought and emotion creates ori ire or wisdom. Ifa says Ologbon a d’omugo l’ai l’ogbon-inu, meaning the person who fails to make use of their wisdom becomes a fool.

According to Ifa, ori has four distinct arenas of perception; we think about our internal experience (identify emotions), we acknowledge our relationship with other people and things (evaluate levels of trust and empathy), we examine the past (access memory) and we envision the future (activate imagination). READ MORE

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